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Quite a few pages were created while determining where and when the reunion should be held for Grandma Ireland's 100th birthday. Viewers can access those pages here.

Location Selection Process History

The remaining sections of this page contain archived information that may be of interest...

Locations under consideration included:

Locations mentioned but not researched included:

  • Massachusetts shore
  • Northern Rocky Mountains
  • Washington state

Location pros and cons are summarized here.

Initial Location Poll

Since a number of families expressed interest in holding the reunion at a location other than Estes Park, a poll was taken to determine if other locations should be explored further. Here are the results of the location poll.

Choosing the Dates

How did we choose when to go? Here is the process that was used to select the dates for the reunion.

Choosing the Location

How did we choose where to go? Here is the process that was used to select the location for the reunion.

Transportation Costs

Locations within 750 miles are considered to be within "one-day" driving distance.

Actual flight costs are very hard to determine this far in advance. To make flight cost comparisons on the same basis, we used the Travelocity website and found the cheapest flight available on any date. If the very lowest fare is very different than the typical lowest fares, it is discarded as it will probably not be available when needed. Actual flight costs for next summer will vary and may well be higher.

If you live in a city served by a discount airline like Southwest that only allows online reservations through their own system, you may want to check their website for lower fares.

Housing Costs

As we compare lodging and transportation costs, it's important to consider all taxes or fees (cleaning/reservation/etc.) that apply. All housing costs shown are for a one week rental during June - August, 2007; 2008 rates may be slightly higher.

Most housing listings are pulled from or vr (

Location Poll Results

The alternate location poll results are now available. After everyone rated each city, the alternate location selected was Banff. It won by all five measurements taken. However, since frequent flyer tickets were not available to Banff from any cities checked, we dropped back to the second choice location, Santa Fe.

Are we related?

Here are the GEDmatch Kit #s for my father and mother:

GI: A909282
CL: A216073

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