Initial Location Poll Results

The first poll was designed to determine if the reunion location should be Estes Park or another location - and how strongly felt the opinion was. Families were asked to select one of the following options:

  1. Strongly prefer Estes Park
  2. Prefer Estes Park but open to other location
  3. Prefer other location but open to Estes Park
  4. Strongly prefer other location

With all votes recorded, the results are as follows:

- Clarease Ireland (1)
1 Cammie and Bob (3)
2 Sharon (1)
2 Suzie and Lou (2)
2 Gayle and Dan (2)
2 Vic and Kristie (6)
2 Blake and Cindy (4)
3 Lisa and Billy (4)
3.5 Erik and Holly (4)
4 Gary and Joanne (2)
4 Kevin and Steve (2)
4 Todd and Kate (5)
4 Freya and Alex (3)

On a family basis, the votes are split: six families prefer Estes while six families prefer another location. Since those who prefer a location other than Estes are strong in their opinion, the vote is skewed toward '3 - Prefer other location but open to Estes'.

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