Reunion Location

Process to Select the Reunion Location

Based on several rounds of feedback from a number of families on both sides of the issue, the following process has been chosen to select the location for Grandma's 100th Birthday reunion:

  • Reserve Estes as one finalist location
  • Determine the alternate location through a single vote that measures how each family feels about each of the four proposed alternate locations
  • Hold a final vote between Estes and the winning alternate location

This process ensures that all families will have equal input in selecting the alternate location.

Step 1 - Vote to Select the Alternate Location

Some families are willing to go to any of the proposed alternate locations. Others may prefer one or more of them. We will use the same weighted ranking as used in the original Estes poll to take into account the strength of each family's preference for each location. Families may give multiple locations the same rating (any score from 1 to 4):

4We'd really like to go to this location
3We'd enjoy this location
2We'd rather not go to this location
1We strongly prefer another location

Please submit your rating for each of the four alternate locations to Kevin by end of day Thursday, September 20th. If you are voting against a location (especially if you are voting a '1'), please include a comment about why you don't like the location.

Example: Kevin and Steve are willing to go to any of the locations and only have a slight difference in preference. We will vote:

3Santa Barbara
3Santa Fe


Step 2 - Vote on Estes Versus the Alternate Location

After the alternate location is determined, we'll vote on Estes versus the alternate location. Each household will vote to go to either Estes or the alternate location. In this vote, simply state the location you prefer; it is not weighted by the strength of your opinion.

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