Nichols Family Tree

Kevin's maternal grandmother is Clarease Ireland, born Beulah Clarease Nichols. Our line of descent in the Nichols family is fairly clear to Walter Nichols, who was born in Anson, North Carolina in 1794. Several theories have been advanced about our earlier ancestors which need to be explored further at a later date.

Nichols is the 153rd most common surname in America; about 150,000 Americans share that name - and many more have ancestors with the name. It turns out that it's incredibly difficult to accurately research distant relatives who have a name like Nichols beyond a few generations.

Line of Descent

Walter Nichols
b 1794 - Montgomery Co NC
d 1857 - Benton Co AR

m ?

4 boys, 4 girls


Thomas W. Nichols
b 1 Jul 1826 - Polk Co TN
d 15 Apr 1900 - Benton Co AR

m 8 Feb 1848
McMinn Co TN
7 boys, 1 girl

Adeline Lucinda Coffman
b 4 Apr 1826 - Polk Co TN
d 5 Jun 1900 - Benton Co AR

Robert Franklin Nichols
b 30 Jan 1857 - Benton Co AR
d 28 May 1925 - Benton Co AR

m 3 Dec 1883
Benton Co AR
7 boys, 3 girls

Ama Perilla Galyean
b 22 Aug 1865 - Benton Co AR
d 3 Sep 1942 - Benton Co AR

Clinton W. Nichols
b 22 Jul 1885 - Benton Co AR
d 18 Nov 1964 - Kansas City KS

m 17 Jan 1906
McDonald Co MO
2 boys, 4 girls

Grace Annis Gwartney
b 19 Aug 1889 - Benton Co AR
d 29 Mar 1983 - Kansas City KS

B. Clarease Nichols
b 28 Dec 1909 - Kansas City KS
d 19 Oct 2009 - Holmes Co OH

m 12 Aug 1934
Kansas City KS
1 boy, 3 girls

Harry Lee Ireland
b 12 Nov 1909 - Bourbon Co KS
d 21 Aug 1990 - Estes Park CO

Are we related?

Here are the GEDmatch Kit #s for my father and mother:

GI: A909282
CL: A216073

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