Grandma Ireland's 100th Birthday

Grandma Ireland

Schedule of Events - Saturday, July 12 to 19

Sat Arrival International Folk Art Festival.
Sun Day International Folk Art Festival
  2:00-4:30pm train ride - boarding at 1:30
Mon 10:00am-12 Geocaching. Leave at 9:15am
Group I: Beard (4), Prichard (2), Erik I (3)
Group II: Edgar (3), Sacha (2), McFadden (1), Sharon (1)
Group III: Martin (2), Todd I (4)
  5:00pm Cookout at Sharon's. Swimming before for those inclined.
Tue 9:00am Brunch at Erik and Todd's to celebrate Gary's big 7-0!
  12:00pm Leave for rafting
Sacha’s, Edgar’s, McFadden, Vic Prichard’s, Beard’s, Erik Ireland’s, Kevin & Steve, Sharon
Family Float - inflatable kayaks provided
  1:15pm - 3:30 Float, return to Santa Fe by 5:30pm
  Eve Individual Families
Wed 4:30pm Family photo - Sacha/McFadden home
  5:30pm Grandma's birthday dinner and party
Thu 9:30am Brunch - Sacha/McFadden home
  Eve Individual families
Fri Day Free time
  Eve Dinner - Sacha/McFadden home
Sat Day Farewells

Are we related?

Here are the GEDmatch Kit #s for my father and mother:

GI: A909282
CL: A216073

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Grandma Ireland's 100th Birthday